STRIVE Increases Economic Mobility and Opportunity

STRIVE Atlanta
Training & Registered Apprenticeship
Transportation, Distribution, Logistics

STRIVE Atlanta is the first strategic expansion of the program that started in New York 37 years ago and was chosen because Atlanta remains the lowest major US city in terms of upward economic mobility for residents who live in poverty. The program’s model is built around five pillars: Career Coaching, STRIVE START (a signature 15-day job readiness training), Occupational Skills Training (3-6 weeks pending sector and certifications), Job Placement, and finally Lifetime Supportive Services, which includes ongoing support post- employment and an asset-building suite of services to bolster advancement.


90% of STRIVE students graduate, and 84% are matched with employment that has advancement opportunities

  • While the program is open to applicants from across metro Atlanta, current efforts are to recruit applicants from South Atlanta, where poverty rates are much higher than average.
  • STRIVE’s mission of strengthening workforce efforts made logistics the best sector for successful career matching with employers who are responsive to addressing income inequality and creating systems change in the metro area.
  • Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance
  • Atlanta BeltLine

Fulfilling the need for workforce talent is only a part of the work; the real work is navigating within systems to educate employers, advocate for changes in hiring practices; eliminate barriers and structural roadblocks, all while partnering [within those same systems] to increase opportunity and economic mobility for STRIVE Atlanta graduates.

“I want our focus to be making sure our graduates are set up to succeed for the long term with a lens toward career entry. We want to go way beyond just job placement.”
– JOMAL VAILES, Executive Director 

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