Workforce Partnerships in Action

CareerRise is a catalyst to create sectoral workforce partnerships, train workers, and promote equitable workforce practices.

Westside Works

CareerRise now manages Westside Works, a workforce training facility focused on improving financial equity for Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood residents.

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Industry Partnerships (formerly MAIP)

CareerRise works closely with workforce service providers and employers to fill jobs, close the skills gap, and move underemployed workers up the career ladder.

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Formerly Regional Workforce Initiative, Equity@Work’s mission is to advance economic mobility to promote a competitive Metro Atlanta economy by creating an accessible, holistic, and responsive regional workforce system.

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CareerRise invests in planning, shaping, and piloting employer-led, demand-driven partnerships in growing economic sectors that offer middle-skill occupations paying good wages.

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System Capacity Building

CareerRise works with our partners for systems changes that combine to serve the interests of both employers and the underemployed.

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