Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Invests in Youth and Their Future

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Career Awareness & Promotion

In early 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (FRBA) hoped to build upon the work they’d done with high school students through Great Promise Partnership and looked to CareerRise to help them identify additional students ages 15-19. Nine students were selected to participate in the two-week pilot program that offered a daily lunch, a $500 stipend, and a MARTA pass. During their time at FRBA, the students were introduced to various careers at the bank—from finance to law enforcement—and were connected with professionals and executives who shared their career journeys leading to their work at FRBA. Students also participated in soft skills, financial awareness, and budgeting training, and received support in resume development and mock interviews with HR professionals.


Students could interact with more than 70 employees during their time at FRBA and tour all aspects of the organization, including the vault.

During the first week, students were invited to dress in professional attire to attend the Board of Directors meeting and then have lunch with the board members following the meeting. Ahead of the event, students participated in Toastmasters and learned about dining etiquette and sharpening their interpersonal skills.

  • Strifler says the program’s innovation leveraged the talent and diversity of the entire organization, not just one department.
  • CareerRise
  • Great Promise
  • Georgia State University Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute
  • HouseProud
  • Dr. Elizabeth Chatham with Mercer University

FRBA plans to offer the experience again in June 2023, but maybe change up the pace to allow more time for some of the interactions.

“We wanted the students to hear real stories about how people came to their jobs and to know that the path to a career isn’t always a straight line.”
– WHITNEY STRIFLER, Economic Policy Analysis Specialist

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