Career Compass Academy Points Youth in Right Direction

Career Compass Academy
Career Awareness & Promotion

The Career Compass Academy (CCA) is a collaboration between WorkSource Metro Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Industry Partnerships (MAIP) that creates a virtual five-week career exploration and work readiness program for youth ages 16-24 who might otherwise face challenges to attending in-person programs. Most sessions are hosted by a panel of MAIP partners who share insights and answer questions about the careers available with their industry and 36 Skills to Succeed Academy modules. The online, self-paced modules, developed by Accenture, help youth explore career interests, soft skills, and preparation before searching and applying for a job.

  • The weekly assignments were reinforced by the information shared by the panelist, which wasn’t intentional but made the concepts more relevant.
  • CCA has been advantageous to the industry because they are connected to a WorkSource Career Advisor who can help youth navigate some of the job application requirements.

The online platform offers many unforeseen advantages, such as the ability to connect to more youth and broader exposure to a range of jobs, including non-typical jobs, in each of the five highlighted career fields: TDL, IT, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades.

  • WorkSource Metro Atlanta
  • CareerRise
  • Accenture

The success of the youth is largely dependent upon two things: access to a digital device and the ability to navigate the three digital platforms used during the program. The MAIP partners are working to offer digital devices to shore these up, and the program now includes extra support for students to build their digital skills.

“Students are hungry for the information being shared as most have an idea of the careers they are interested in, and the program helps connect them to the training needed and the jobs available with that career.”

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