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Per Scholas
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Information Technology

Per Scholas is an Information Technology (IT) training provider that offers training to often excluded and underrepresented individuals to prepare them to enter high-demand, well-paying careers in IT. Their goal is to create a workforce that helps meet the demand for IT professionals while also creating opportunities for economic mobility and advancement for their graduates.

  • 85% of Per Scholas enrollees graduate and go on to quickly obtain a well-paying job earning 4x their pre-enrollment earnings
  • 70% of graduates are still employed after their first year.
  • The 12 to 14-week training is offered at no cost to students and includes multiple resources and support.
  • Upon acceptance, participants are assessed, placed into a course, and given whatever they need to succeed. This ranges from a computer to WiFi access to referrals for food, medical, and housing assistance.
  • Their philosophy is learners will be most successful when they have what they need to stay focused on the intensive training. To learn more about Per Scholas’ free IT training programs, visit the course site.
  • Tech Systems Inc.
  • Anthem BlueCross BlueShield
  • AppleOne Employment Services

Remote training is possible without sacrificing the integrity and core support of the in-person classes. In addition, it can now be offered to a larger reach of individuals in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

“I always tell people I would do this job for free. It’s always good to see someone come out of Per Scholas as a different person than when they came in. They graduate more confident and professional, with hope for a brighter future.”
– TRACEY PALMER, Former Managing Director

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