Building More Than The Stadium in the Westside Neighborhood

Westside Works
Training & Registered Apprenticeships
Skilled Trades

Westside Works is a CareerRise-managed workforce collaborative that focuses on increasing access to well-paying jobs for Westside residents while also building a pipeline of talent to fill high-demand positions. The collaborative offers a neutral space to support employment efforts provides a comprehensive career advisement service to job seekers.

In September 2022, the management of Westside Works transitioned from the Blank Family Foundation to CareerRise and aligned its programs with the five high-demand careers supported by CareerRise.


More than 150 Westside residents have been hired to work at the Mercedes Benz Stadium through the Westside Hiring program and more than 700 residents have received training.


The relaunch of Westside Works will bring a centralized strategy and focus to the high-demand sectors supported through CareerRise and resemble the Westside Works Culinary Academy launched in 2020 with seven graduates. Levy Restaurants operates as the lead employer partner for culinary training and pays 100% of the training costs of participants. Upon graduation, they are offered employment and are eligible for a year-long, all-expenses-paid work placement at the Blank Family’s Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Montana.


Westside Works is supported by a multitude of partners including:

  • Goodwill of North Georgia
  • Blank Family Foundation
  • Levy Restaurants

To accurately gauge the impact of its programs, Westside Works needed a centralized data management tool to track historical data and compare year-over-year outcomes and demographics.

“This system will allow us to leverage the great resources of the workforce partners and support a system of service,” says Turner.

“We offer this (space) as a general service, and regardless of where you are in your career spectrum, we want to advise and prepare you to be successful
in your goals.”
– QUASANDRIA TURNER, Director of Westside Works 

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