Helen Parker

Helen Parker

Retired USDOL Administrator / Co-Chairman

Helen Parker is a consultant with Maher & Maher, a New Jersey-based change management and talent development firm, providing technical assistance on WIOA implementation and other subjects nationwide.

Prior to Maher & Maher, Helen served as Regional Administrator, Region 3 Employment and Training Administration – Atlanta from March 2003 to February 2013. As Regional Administrator, she led a staff of 43 employees who provided leadership to national, state, and local leaders to develop workforce solutions which meet the needs of employers, workers, and communities. This opportunity afforded her the experience to work with communities to identify and develop the potential of every citizen to become a skilled worker, engage in the growth of their regional economy, and manage a grant portfolio averaging $4 billion across eight (8) states. Before that, Helen held various positions with the Georgia Department of Labor and the North Carolina Employment Security Commission.

Recognition includes: Who’s Who of American Women; International Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women; USDOL Special Achievement Award; Miller Merit Award-International Association of Personnel in Employment Security; Vice President Gore’s National Performance Review “Hammer” Award; and the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (ICESA) President’s Award.

Helen has earned several degrees including a Ph.D. from Duke University, an MPA from the University of Georgia, and both a MA and BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.