Bree O. Davis, MPA

Bree O. Davis, MPA

Founder of CEO, Synergy Specialty Solutions, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Brown Logistics Solutions, Inc. and The BLS Foundation, Inc.

Bree is a serial entrepreneur and Global Social Impact Strategist. She holds a dual role as the visionary Founder and CEO of Synergy Specialty Solutions, a black-owned, female-led social impact and nonprofit consulting agency, and The CEO of Brown Logistics Solutions and The BLS Foundation, Inc.

With an impressive track record, Bree has coached 350 Executive Corporate and Nonprofit Leaders on social impact strategies since 2015, empowering them to create tangible change. Her training programs have reached over 400+ employees, staff, and social innovation enthusiasts, equipping them with the tools to make a lasting impact. Through her exceptional expertise, Bree has raised more than $15M to support the nonprofit communities she serves, demonstrating her unparalleled proficiency as a professional fundraiser and grant writer.

In her role as CEO of Brown Logistics Solutions, Inc. and Executive Director of The BLS Foundation, Inc., Bree is deeply committed to providing exceptional freight services while advancing the empowerment of NextGen Youth and Veterans. With a dual focus on seamless transportation and fostering economic mobility, Bree’s leadership drives forward a mission of community upliftment. Through the innovative Wheels of Valor program, established by The BLS Foundation, Inc., Bree and the team at Brown Logistics Solutions, Inc. are dedicated to transforming lives and creating opportunities for success, one shipment and one individual at a time.

Under Bree’s stewardship, The BLS Foundation, Inc. has become a beacon of hope, providing evidence-based workforce development and economic mobility career-readiness training through the Wheels of Valor program. This initiative has had a profound impact, empowering countless individuals to pursue fulfilling careers and achieve financial independence. Through the synergy of Brown Logistics Solutions’ success and The BLS Foundation’s transformative programs, Bree continues to drive positive change, strengthening communities and fostering a brighter future for all.